have you guys ever realized

the brain named itself

So this post made it onto Buzzfeed


$2,500.00 Titanium and Gold Lip Pearl Linerlock

This knife is from Suchat’s New Diamond Edition. This liner locking folder features a carved Robert Calcinore Mosaic Damascus blade. The handle has carved titanium bolsters, carved gold lip pearl scales with pink/green/yellow stone inserts, carved matching Damascus rear bolsters, and carved and anodized titanium liners and back-spacer

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My new baby joining the family

Schecter C-1 Hellraiser rocking EMG 81/85 active pickups and strung with 48g ernie ball slinkies

can’t wait to blast this

The Art of My Neighbor Totoro

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yeah gumtree

battlefield cat

bioshock infinite : 19.99

bioshock infinite + 2 + 1 = 19.00

u wot

anyway is it worth buying?